Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Deadlier... is finally here!

The last week has been the most exciting of my career as a writer so far. I received the first proof copy of 'Deadlier...' and ordered 100 copies in Hardback. I was out when they were delivered so I came home to find my hallway filled with boxes of MY book!
I can't begin to tell you how incredible that feels! To see box after box, filled with the book you've been working on, editing, tweaking and perfecting for the past few years (it's strange how the months meld into years so very quickly) is just incredible! I was almost brought to tears. And I STILL can't quite believe that it's real!

Just to let everyone know, the ISBN number is 978-1907939006 and it's on Amazon - UK and US, Waterstones, WHSmith and others.

For the run of the first 100 Hardback copies, GINGERNUT Books will be taking orders on their website for signed books.

On Monday the Photographer from our local paper The Chad came over to take a pic for an article I'll be doing soon. She's a lovely lady, very patient and considerate but the flash just wouldn't seem to work. It would flash if she was aiming it away from me, on a test flash, so to speak, but when it was directed towards me, it wouldn't work. It was very puzzling.
Eventually, she got the right shot and it did look amazing, so it was well worth the time she took... but the previous few pics that she showed me were covered in little dots of reflected light... Now, I'm a little superstitious but those pictures were covered in what are sometimes called 'Orbs'. I'll ask if she still has the pics (although I don't know why she'd keep them) and I'll see if I can get a couple to put on here.

One last thing... (but certainly not least) Pixel Dome is the Photographer that did the amazing picture for the front cover for my book. He's also working continuously towards helping me promote it. I really cannot thank Dave enough for the work he's put in for me. Please check out his work.

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